Choosing the Right Drinks to Sell to Your Customers

Staying hydrated is crucial to stay healthy. In general, water is the best option. When you run a restaurant business, you need to offer bottled water since it remains the number one choice for a lot of people. Even if there are other beverages on the menu, they will probably stick with water. Of course, it’s a good thing. Plain water contains electrolytes that are good for the body. It doesn’t have toxic chemicals and unhealthy components.

Choose plain fruit juices

Fruit juices are an excellent choice since they’re rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. However, it would help if you didn’t get fooled, thinking that all fruit juices are good. Some of them have high sugar content. Get rid of fruit juices containing too much sugar. Other artificial sweeteners and flavours are a big no. Avoid bottled and packed juices. For smoothies, you have to do the same. Don’t include too much sugar or artificial flavours. If you can find organic fruit juice concentrate suppliers in the UK, you can partner with them. Offering healthy beverages to your customers will be easy with the right supplier.

Be careful with milk

Some people are lactose intolerant and need to avoid dairy products. The good thing is that there are non-dairy options such as almond milk that are just as good. If you want to serve dairy products, look for low-fat or fat-free options. However, you should also check if they’re free from sugar. Some milk products claiming to be low in fat make it up in sugar. Flavoured milk is also a big no, especially for children. Check the nutrition facts on your chosen milk to guarantee that there’s sufficient calcium, iron, and potassium.

Beware of any health claim

It might be easy to choose any beverage that has significant health claims. For instance, you can read “100% juice” on the label. The truth is that when you look closely at the details, it contains other ingredients. Unless you’re confident about the label, you have to avoid that option. You also don’t want to fool your customers into drinking something that claims to be healthy, when it isn’t.

Final thoughts

You have to be cautious when serving drinks just as you do with food. Check the nutritional value of what you offer before putting it on the menu. You may also ask for advice from a nutritionist to suggest the best choice. For customers who may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients, you have to be transparent on the menu. They need to know what they’re getting to avoid a health scare.

Water is usually the first choice of customers in a restaurant. However, you should also provide other choices if they don’t want water. They can at least have something healthy and guilt-free. Offering healthy options is becoming a trend among restaurants these days. Since more people are becoming health-conscious, they prefer having something that won’t make them gain weight or be unhealthy.