Helpful Tips to Order the Best Steak at Any Restaurant?

Beef is the favorite of most meat-lovers. It is like the king of all meat varieties. When someone is asked to visualize meat, the image of a well-made steak pops up. People don’t opt for beef because they find it exotic or healthy. They order beef solely for its rich flavor. Steak is satisfying.

The culinary scene in Arlington needs no special mention. It is a haven for foodies and it obviously offers great steaks. Visit Whiskey Prime Steakhouse at Angel of the Winds Casino resort to savor the best beef dishes at Arlington. The steakhouse is popular among locals and tourists alike for its mouth-watering beef steaks and chops.

The best quality beef tastes the best:

The beef quality uses vary depending on the restaurant. High-end and sophisticated restaurants like Whiskey Prime Steakhouse use prime quality steak which is the reason they taste great. Choice steaks are good but have few imperfections. Select steaks are better than store-bought ones. The standard steaks available in grocery stores are the least flavorful.

The four common steaks you find in menu and what they mean:

  • Rib eye steaks: They are tender, juicy and rich in flavor but are tricky to cook. You’ll usually find it in only high-end steakhouses since they are one of the best meat cuts.
  • Strip steaks: They are chewier, have good marbling and loved by those who prefer substantial texture.
  • Tenderloin steaks: These are the most-tender ones and commonly found in many restaurants. These small cuts are juicy.
  • T-bone steaks: It’s a combination of tenderloin and strip steak with a bone. They look and are expensive.

Do you know how to order steak?

Ordering a steak may be complicated for many. Restaurants generally ask how you want it to be cooked. You have a choice between:

  • Well-done: Not many would prefer beef this way. It isn’t juicy and a bit rough.
  • Medium-well: Just a pinch less cooked than the previous type and a bit tastier.
  • Medium: Juice, tender and flavorful, this one is the most preferred.
  • Medium-rare: It has a warm-red centre. It is tender and juicy.
  • Rare: Almost raw, juicy, flavorful, beefy and a bit chewy.

The choice of steak depends on a person’s personal preference. If you familiarize yourself with the related terms, you’ll know to order beef just the way you like it. Now that you know the terms, the next time you step into a steakhouse you’ll order confidently.