What Makes Barbecue in Kansas City Well-Loved

Kansas City is the home of the best barbecue. In the city, you will find legendary barbecue restaurants that famous pitmasters operate. Some of these restaurants have been making barbecue for generations. And aside from coming out of restaurants, barbecue is a part of every neighborhood in the city. There are elements that make the best BBQ in Kansas City. These include the following:

The Sweet Sauce

Kansas City barbecue is not complete with a thick, sweet, molasses-based sauce. It features a combination of sourness, sweetness, and spiciness. Restaurants finish their barbecue with a smoky aftertaste using paprika. Most people in the city prefer a sweeter favor in their barbecue sauce. In terms of a dry rub, the principle is that less is more since the focus is more on the sauce.

Meat Variety

Barbecue in Kansas City is prepared using the low-and-slow method. This means cooking the meat in a pit barrel or charcoal grill at around 200 degrees F to 250 degrees F for at least 5 hours. Such a method is suitable for larger, fattier pieces of meat than standard grilling.

Kansas City offers all types of meat, from beef, pork and pork ribs to brisket, chicken, and turkey. During competitions, pitmasters present their best creations of pork ribs, brisket, chicken, and pork shoulder. In restaurants like Q39, you can order chicken wings as an appetizer. Their sweet barbecue sauce is great with a smoked wing’s fattiness.

 A Bevy of Side Dishes

Regardless of your chosen meat, you will want to grab some side dishes to complete the meal. In Kansas City, you can order the customary slice of white bread alongside a group of side dishes.

Burnt Ends

The burnt ends are a kind of barbecue you must try in Kansas City. You can find them at every barbecue restaurant in the city. However, the original burnt ends are an innovation in Kansas City and they may taste better here than anywhere else in the United States. The burnt ends get a rich, salty flavor as all the fat of the meat renders down from the brisket, leaving the meat tender, juicy, and crispy. The best burnt ends you can find are nearly caramelized. It has a great texture and is not charred. Also, burnt ends are used in creative ways like adding them to dishes such as eggs benedict, French fries, and Mac and cheese. The burnt ends at Q39 are amazing. This shiny, contemporary restaurant is known for its ability to deliver on both barbecue street cred and presentation.