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Explore Different Cake Frostings With Ido Fishman

Cakes are delicacies that are enjoyed all over the world. It will be very hard to find someone who does not enjoy eating at least one variation of cakes. What makes a cake great is its moisture to softness level. The way it melts like butter in our mouths if it’s made professionally. The toppings give it an extra flavor that makes you get lost in the creaminess of it. Many factors determine whether a cake is good or not. However, the topping is what works as the deciding factor.

There are many different kinds of toppings that a cake can be layered with. We have the option of icing it, or frosting it, or using other forms to decorate it. It can be quite complicated to pick out a topping when ordering a cake as many people don’t know the difference between most choices. So, Ido Fishman Chef has compiled a list of the different kinds of frostings that you should know about.

Types Of Cake Frostings


One of the most popular choices of cake frosting is the ganache. Ganache is a chocolate topping that hardens on the cake layer. This gooey and chocolaty topping is an all-time favorite for chocolate lovers. The ganache is made by mixing heavy cream with chopped-up dark chocolate which is mixed slowly. The ganache is also available for other varieties of chocolates such as white chocolate. So, the next time you want to order a pure chocolate cake, make sure to get the ganache topping to get the ultimate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory experience.

Cream Cheese Frosting

Typically, this is the frosting that you find on top of Red velvet cakes. This creamy yet tangy frosting goes well with a majority of cakes but it is the best compliment for red velvet and carrot cakes. Cream cheese frostings are heavier than the basic toppings because of the heaviness of the cream cheese.

Buttercream Frosting

The buttercream frosting is one of the basic frosting options. This is the frosting that you find on many cakes at the local bakery.  This frosting is made with large amounts of butter and icing sugar mixed together. There are several different varieties of buttercream frosting such as the decorator’s buttercream and the meringue buttercream. What you should remember is that butter tends to melt at high temperatures, so make sure to keep it in a cool place if you order a cake with this frosting.

Whipped Cream

The whipped cream frosting is a light yet sweet topping that gives an additional flavor to the cake. Since it is one of the simplest cake frostings, you should be careful of the price that the bakers charge for it. It should not cost you much since it is just whipped cream and sugar. Nonetheless, it is a great frosting choice for a simple yet decorated cake. It is a great choice for fruit cakes and milk-cakes as the texture adds to the softness of the cakes.


Meringue is made by mixing sugar with egg whites at a very high speed. Many people doubt whether meringue is safe since it is basically raw eggs mixed with sugar. However, meringue toppings on cakes are safe to eat because they are somewhat cooked before application. For instance, the Swiss Meringue Buttercream is made with melted sugar which slowly cooks the eggs while mixing. Some other meringue topping flavors are the Italian meringue buttercream and the French meringue buttercream.

The Bottom Line

Ido Fishman is a chef and culinary expert and shares free advice to help people improve their cooking and baking skills. This guide of cake frostings and toppings should come in handy the next time you are placing a cake order as you will be able to imagine the taste of the frosting. Whether you want the chocolaty goodness of the sweet yet tangy cream cheese topping, you know which cake it will compliment now. So, make sure to bookmark this article whenever you may need frosting assistance.