Sriracha Sauce: A Spicy Guide to This Popular Condiment

Ever heard of sriracha? If not, it’s time to get in the know! This beloved hot sauce is a staple in many kitchens around the world. It’s an essential ingredient for many popular dishes, everything from sushi rolls to macaroni and cheese.

In this post, you’ll get the answer to the question “What is sriracha sauce?”, explore why sriracha has become so popular, and provide some tips for how you can use it in your cooking. Let’s get started!

What Is Sriracha?

Sriracha is a beloved hot chilli sauce that was originally created in Thailand. Its bright red color and a thin consistency make it visually appealing when added to tacos, sandwiches, or soup broths. Those who like a bit of spice in their food will find solace here; its unique blend of flavors such as tangy, sweet, and smoky guarantee a delightful complexity.

It’s made with simple yet effective ingredients, chilli peppers, vinegar, sugar, garlic, and salt plus preservatives such as xanthan gum or sodium bisulfite, so you can trust its quality and taste every time. If you haven’t tried sriracha yet, now’s the perfect time to try it on some of your favorite dishes!

Where Did It Come From?

Sriracha was invented by David Tran in 1980 in the city of Si Racha, Thailand (hence its name!). He created his own recipe for the sauce using fresh chillies from his family farm and sold it locally from door to door. Eventually, he moved his operations to Los Angeles where he founded Huy Fong Foods Inc., which produces the most widely recognized brand of sriracha today.

How Do You Use It?

Sriracha is incredibly versatile, it can be used as both a condiment on its own or as an ingredient in recipes. You can add it to anything from tacos to eggs benedict for an extra kick of flavor; however, since it is quite spicy, you may want to start by adding just a small amount at first until you find your perfect level of heat!

You can even make your own sriracha by combining equal parts chilli paste (like sambal oelek) and ketchup with honey or brown sugar and garlic powder. Experiment with different ratios until you find one that suits your taste buds!